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Cup Warmer

JURA offers the Cup Warmer as a device that not only performs all the functions you would wish for but also appeals due to its high-quality materials used. The storage surfaces are completely made from brushed stainless steel and their height can be adjusted.
The powerful Cup Warmer works on the convection principle and offers space for stacking a total of 75 Espresso cups (diam. 60 mm) or 50 coffee cups (diam. 80 mm, stacked offset).
Dimensions (W x H x D):32 x 45 x 32 cm

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Glass Cup Warmer

With its simple design, the refined stainless steel cup warmer featuring high-quality clear glass elements looks absolutely fantastic alongside all GIGA Professional models. Thanks to its three storage surfaces, it provides plenty of space for a total of 100 espresso cups (diam. 60 mm) or 60 coffee cups (diam. 80 mm). The three modern heating panels are energy efficient and run silently, which makes the product ideal for use in offices.
Dimensions (W x H x D): 32 x 45 x 32 cm

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Jura Cool Control Chiller

Make sure that your milk always stays cool as well. With the non-wearing and CFC-free Peltier cooling, the Cool Control from JURA is able to cool milk to 25° below the ambient temperature.
Once a temperature of 4°C has been reached, the intelligent device then keeps the milk in the optimum temperature range - this not only prevents the milk from accidentally freezing, but also helps to save energy.
The high-quality stainless steel container with a capacity of more than one litre can be easily removed, refilled, cleaned or stored in the refrigerator if necessary.
The little Cool Control is not only functionally appealing - its typical JURA design also rounds off the machine optically.

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