Impressa C5

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Select, press, enjoy. The IMPRESSA C5 is based on a simple one-switch philosophy. You can achieve perfect coffee results in a correspondingly short time, and to a standard that has already won over critical independent testers.

Thanks to its compact design, it is easy to find a space for it anywhere, while its clear shapes and colours have an attractive appeal.

Energy efficiency and enjoyment don't have to compete with one another.
One-switch philosophy and clearly understandable symbol display
Fine foam frother
Eco-Intelligence thanks to Zero-Energy Switch
Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.©)
Height-adjustable coffee spout

Attractive control philosophy
Thanks to the one-switch philosophy with the smart Rotary Switch and the easy-to-understand symbol display, you are just one touch of a button away from enjoying the perfect cup of coffee.

The patented Zero-Energy Switch disconnects the machine completely from the mains supply. This means that the IMPRESSA C5 does not consume any energy in standby mode.

Height-adjustable coffee spout
Whether it's a small espresso cup or a large one for your breakfast coffee, the height of the coffee spout can be adjusted continuously to between 65 and 111 mm and fits any size of cup

Connector System©
The Connector System© allows you to use the Easy Cappuccino Frother, the hot water nozzle, and the optional 2-stage frothing nozzle or the Professional Cappuccino Frother to make perfect milk foam or hot milk.