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MC2 Callenge: Manual or Automatic

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MC2 Challenge Grinders
With specially finished conical blades and low speed (600rpm), all the evocative aroma of fresh coffee beans is retained. There is no better way to start a great cup of coffee.
Constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure maximum reliability and longevity. Challenge grinders are also exceptionally easy to use and the extra strong dosing handle is designed to resist everyday wear and tear.
The manual model dispenses the ground coffee directly into a doser and is ideal for multiple shots.
The automatic model has a built-in timer that grinds exactly the right amount of coffee for each shot. This is more suited to low volume use.
o The best low-volume grinders
o Dimensions: L270 x H375 x W165mm
o Weight: 4.5Kg. Motor: 220V, 60/50Hz - Plug supplied
o Dosing capacity: 130g of ground coffee
o Hopper capacity: 500g of coffee beans
o These grinders are recommended for domestic use only