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More Information


FREE DELIVERY applies to MOST orders over £50.

Some more remote areas, including Highlands, Islands and Windermere, may need to place a higher order to ensure free delivery, this is due to the additional shipping costs that we are charged by our courier.

We will call you once your order is received if this applies to you..


We offer customers 8 house blends of filter coffee and one decaffeinated blend. All of our filter coffee has been packaged to brew a 60oz / 3 pint jug. Adding more, or less, water than this will affect the taste. All our filter coffee sachets are packed 50 sachets per case and include filter papers.

When you taste our 100% Arabica blends, and see their prices, you will find that these great teasting coffees are selling up to £20.00 less than our competitor's blended coffees. Our biggest selling filter / ground coffee is our Georgia blend.

At the prices we sell our filter coffee we do not normally provide on-loan equipment. However, should you require an on-loan filter machine we may be able to consider it, depending upon the volume of coffee you order. At Miami Coffee we deeply believe that the best deal for customers is to own all of their coffee brewing equipment.


We sell 2 types of cafetiere 15gram sachets: Continental and Decaff.


We offer 4 blends of bulk ground coffee: Georgia, Continental, Tennessee and Decaff. All are packed 6 kilos per case and do not include filters. Georgia is our biggest selling ground coffee.


We offer 4 different espresso beans and all are packed 6 kilos per case. All of our espresso beans are available in 250g retail coffee packs. Our most popular selling espresso bean is our Long Island blend. Keep in mind that when you are trying our sample beans that your grinder may need a small adjustment as your grinder will be programmed to your current bean.


We sell traditional and bean-to-cup espresso machines that are manufactured by some of the largest manufactures in the world. All of our machines are sold with a one year breakdown, parts and labour warranty. Call one of our espresso machine sales executives to learn more.


We offer a wide range of point of sale items including table cards, posters and pavement signs. We are always open to ideas and if there is any type of point of sale you would like, give us a call and let us know.