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Liquid Crystal ThermometerLiquid Crystal Thermometer
This waterproof thermo-label thermometer affixes directly to the side of your frothing jug.
Liquid crystal indicators turn black once the desired temperature is reached.
Dual dial featue (centigrade/fahrenheit), and includes and inbuilt temperature offset of 3 degrees C.
Optimum froth zone indicator with extra temperature crystal which shows when the milk is too hot.
Dishwasher safe, waterproof and long-lasting.
Plastic composite with liquid crystal slots.

Price: 6.15 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


Temperature 0 - 100 Degrees C. Optimal frothing zone indicated. This product features a stainless steel probe (5.5") and clip. The dial is 35mm in diameter.
Packaged individually.

Price: 6.43 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


Taylor Premium ThermometerTaylor Premium Thermometer
Premium thermometer with easy to read zoned dial for optimum frothing temperatures.
Temperature range 120 Degrees F to 180 Degrees F. Sealed dial prevents fogging.
This thermometer has a 5" stainless steal stem and a clip to attach it to a frothing jug (up to 1 litre in size).
Packed indivually.

Price: 8.89 (Excluding VAT at 20%)